What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Landscaping Work in Connecticut?

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Every homeowner in Connecticut has a vision for what they want their property to be. Landscaping projects can help you turn that vision into a reality, improving your property in all sorts of different ways. There are many things to consider when planning a project such as this, and one of the most important factors is picking the right time of year to carry out the work.

So when is the best time of the season to schedule your next big project? Read on and we’ll provide you with an answer to that question so that you can get the best results from your project. We’ll also give you some ideas for different improvements you can make to your property, as well as discuss the benefits of working with professional landscapers for your home’s needs.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Get Landscaping Work in Connecticut?

Generally speaking, fall is the best time to undertake a major project on your property. Winter is obviously not the time with the frozen ground that temperature brings, while summer’s scorching heat can be inhospitable to new plants that are still trying to establish themselves. The cool temperatures that occur in the fall make planting pleasant and also reduce the amount of water you need to use to maintain the results.

However, it’s important to remember that the right timing for your project depends on exactly what you’re doing. For example, early spring is a great time for planting certain flowers and shrubs to give them plenty of sunlight exposure, rain, and mild temperatures that they bring. Consulting with a professional landscaper can help you determine the right time to carry out the project you have in mind to improve your property.

Projects to Improve Your Property

Planting a Garden

Just about every yard can benefit from the splash of vibrant color that a garden can provide. All sorts of different flowers can be used to add beautiful looks and fragrances to your property. While they require the right conditions and proper upkeep to grow to their full potential, the work required is well worth the improvement that a garden can bring to your property.

Creating a Water Feature

Not many people are fortunate enough to have a natural water feature on their property, so man-made water features are a popular home improvement project. By digging a trench and lining it with gravel or stone to prevent drainage into the soil, a stream can be made to enhance the appearance of your property. Water pumps can be used to create constantly-flowing waterfalls and other features.

Building Stone Paths

While everyone loves a lush and green landscape, a bit of stonework can add character to the plant growth around it. Stones can be used to create a path through your lawn, creating a flow to your property and helping to enhance the aesthetics you enjoy. There are a wide variety of different stones that each have their own color and other characteristics to achieve the look that you desire.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Landscapers

High-Quality Results

While many home improvement projects can be done on your own, this takes a level of skill and technical knowledge that most people don’t possess. The internet is a good resource for finding how-to guides on how to do these projects, but instructional videos and articles can only go so far. There’s no substitute for the experience and skill that a professional landscaper brings to the table.

In addition to having years of experience in the field, professional landscapers also have access to tools and equipment that are unlikely to be found in the average home tool shed or garage. These tools help to improve the results that you get from your project. You’ll get to enjoy your property at its very best once they’ve completed their work.

Consistent Upkeep

Very few projects that landscapers do are simply done once and forgotten about. Keeping your property looking its best involves diligent maintenance and upkeep in order to get the best results. Trying to perform all of the tasks required for proper land maintenance can be a daunting task to take on yourself, but fortunately, professional landscapers can lend their assistance to this end.

The exact needs for maintenance vary from property to property, but as one example, weed removal is one task required to maintain the results of your landscaping project. These plants grow back quickly, taking nutrients, water, and other resources from the plants you want to flourish on your lawn. Quick removal can help create the aesthetic you’re looking for in your lawn. Other upkeep tasks that landscapers can help with include watering, fertilizing, or mowing.


No matter what your goals are for your property, cost is always a consideration to take into account when planning out your outdoor improvements. You may think you’re saving money by doing a project yourself. However, by the time you account for all the time, supplies, and equipment you’ll need to invest in a project, you’ll often end up spending more than you would by simply hiring professionals to help you out instead.

When considering the cost of your outdoor improvement project, it’s also important to remember the old wisdom that it’s better to get the job done right the first time than to have to go back to correct your mistakes. You’re liable to make a mistake when relying on your own DIY skills, mistakes which could be costly to correct. Save yourself some unnecessary expenses by getting the job done correctly the first time by professional landscapers.

Reduced Risk of Injury

While outdoor DIY projects can be fun and satisfying if done right, they also come with a risk of injury. Many projects that landscapers carry out, such as mowing a lawn, involve heavy machinery with moving parts that can cause serious injury if they aren’t utilized properly. Many outdoor projects also involve the use of chemical agents which can have harmful side effects to those exposed to them without the proper protective equipment.

Professional landscapers know the precautions that need to be taken to avoid the risks these projects entail. They’ll be able to take care of all your property improvement needs without risking anyone getting hurt. They also have all the necessary safety equipment and practices, allowing your project to be taken care of with the highest level of safety.

Saves Time and Effort

With the busy lives that people lead, who has time to take care of everything their property needs to be at its best? Hiring professional landscapers instead allows you to focus your time and energy onto the things you love while still getting a lawn that looks fantastic. All you’ll need to do is discuss your vision with the landscapers then sit back, relax, and watch as your property is enhanced by their skilled work.

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