man using chainsaw to cut trunk of tree

Best Tree Removal Companies In Milford, CT

As homeowners one of the most troublesome tasks can be dealing with unwanted trees. Even the most die hard DIY'er will admit that trees are something that should usually be left to the professionals. Each year there are many deaths and serious injuries resulting from accidents involving tree removal. That is why all of the companies listed here have given us proof of both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. If you hire someone without either of these, and something goes wrong the liability and lawsuits will be against you. All of the tree companies listed are either in Milford, or service the area. These companies were selected based on their reputation and ability; this is not a sponsored post.

Madd Beaver Tree Experts

A long time Milford company, Madd Beaver Tree Experts is a tree removal company you can trust. Like all of the companies we listed, the owner is involved with every tree job. Madd Beaver can handle any sized job, often specializing in large take downs with cranes involved. 

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