12 Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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A home’s beauty matters both inside and out. Even the most elegant interior design will not be enough to welcome guests or attract buyers with poor curb appeal. With creative landscaping and an eye for detail, you can transform a tired front yard into a stunning entryway for your Connecticut home.


12 Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Fresh Lawn

Begin with the basics: your lawn. While visitors and passersby may take a beautiful green lawn for granted, an unhealthy one will be an eyesore for every onlooker. If your lawn is looking less than sightly, it’s a wise idea to connect with a trusted landscaper who can tell you about the best course of action.

Landscapers may be able to revitalize your existing lawn, or they may suggest you get new grass. Their teams can handle the entire process of removing your lawn, improving the soil, and planting new grass sods.

Man laying sod for new garden lawn

2. Bed Borders

Even the smallest details can transform your home’s curb appeal. You may have existing gardens that don’t achieve the look you want. Instead of changing them, consider adding borders. Around the mulch, have your landscaper place small decorative borders of bricks or stones to frame the flowers and draw attention in a natural way.

3. Local Connecticut Touches

Connecticut is home to numerous native flowers that thrive in the New England climate. Take advantage of these local beauties for a thriving garden! Some of our favorites include petunias, dahlias, and the New England aster. By planting flowers that are native to your area, you’ll protect the biodiversity of your area. This means that birds, butterflies, and other local animal populations will love to visit you.

There are other benefits to using native plants, too. These species are already accustomed to your area, so they’ll have stronger resistance to your weather conditions and won’t need the same amount of fertilizers, pesticides, or upkeep as other plants. If you’re looking for a lower-maintenance yard that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal, talk to your landscaper about which species will thrive best.

A top view of a smooth hydrangea or wild hortensia blue and violet flowers. Selective focus.

4. Whimsical Walkway

There’s nothing wrong with a straight walkway from the front of your property to your front door. But if you want a more playful option, go for a walkway that takes your visitors on a small adventure. Use stones of varying hues (greys, soft blues, and burnt oranges come to mind) and use gentle curves in the walkway. Surrounding the stone, plant your favorite flowers in all the brightest colors.

5. Fence With Flowers

Give the classic white picket fence a personal upgrade by adding flowers that climb around the fence. Add depth to your property by selecting colors that contrast with the fence’s color but complement the style. For instance, a white picket fence pairs wonderfully with climbing roses. The pink of the roses and picturesque green leaves make your property feel softer and more inviting.
White picket fence and pink climbing roses, blue, green and purple border with salvia, catmint, sage, lady's mantleā€¦ Colorful garden border adding lots of curb appeal


6. Climbing Vines Gate

If the idea of your fence covered in flowers doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another similar option. At the entryway point of your fence onto your property, ask your landscaper to replace the existing fence with an overhead arch. This arch can be decorated with climbing vines or similar plants to instantly add a welcoming feel.

gate or arbor into a garden

6. Symmetrical Tree Skyline

The roof of your house will often form a sharp line with the skyline above. Soften this line by adding trees to your property. Even better, use the art of symmetry to give your front yard a balanced look. On either side of the main entryway, ask your landscaper to place a tree. Not only will these trees frame your property, but they will also give the eye something else to look at when you gaze upward.

Don’t stop there. Once you have statement trees in your yard, continue to use the symmetry they’ve created to add surrounding flowers and shrubbery. At the base of the trees, select plants of different colors, textures, and sizes to create interest. Because you have established order with the tree placement, you’ll be able to have more artistic license with the plants you choose without compromising a refined feel.

tiles footpath, leaving in perspective into the park, ground lights and trees plants in a row along the walkway after rain.

7. Lavender Flower Staircase

Many homes require you to walk up a set of stairs to the front door. If this describes your home, you have a lovely opportunity in front of you. Plant lavender on the sides of each staircase for visitors to enjoy when they visit your Connecticut home. The lavender is tall enough to form a sort of border around the staircase, giving the effect of framing it. Lavender is a great choice to put in a highly trafficked area because of its sturdiness.

8. Framed Home

Great landscaping makes your front yard look beautiful from the edge of your property to the edge of your home. Give the space next to your house some attention by framing the area with flowers. At the base of your house, select mulch, stones, or something similar that will add dimension to the property. Then, select the flowers of your choice and be amazed at how this detail can make your home seem that much more unique!
Natural flower landscaping in home garden


10. Water Fountain

One of the most stunning ways to transform your yard through landscaping is with a water fountain. Regardless of its size, a water fountain will add a calming effect that appeals to both children and adults.

For smaller yards, a standing fountain can be strategically placed to maximize the space. If you have a larger yard, you have the option for your landscaper to install an in-ground fountain as the centerpiece of your front yard. You could even have your driveway wind around the foundation, creating a dramatic effect.


11. Country Garden Hedges

You may want a bit more privacy outside your home. Being strategic about the plants you use is a great way to achieve this while making your property more beautiful. A landscaper can guide you through the styles of shrubs that you can choose to border your property. Onlookers will see a forest of green that will add intrigue.

Shrubs that are well taken care of provide structure and uniformity to your property, which is a great complement for numerous styles of homes, from colonial to modern. Shrubs are a great garden choice because they require less water over time. After shrubs establish roots deep into the ground, you’ll only need to water them once every week or two.

12. Romantic Tree Canopy

Make every moment magical for people who are walking up to your front door with a romantic tree canopy. Plant trees on either side of your front walkway to frame the path leading up from your driveway or the sidewalk all the way up to your porch. The sun will filter through the trees and create an unmatched experience.

At the end of the day, curb appeal is about more than making others feel invited when they look at your home. It’s also about inspiring you every time you see your property. The right landscapers will combine your dreams with their expertise to create a space that will make you never want to go inside. Contact the Landscaper Locator team so we can help you find your next star landscaper.