Landscaping Fairfield CT

Landscaping Fairfield CT

If you are going to hire a professional landscape service in Fairfield CT to help with your landscape needs, it is important you understand the different types of services. You may crave an attractively looking lawn but hire the wrong landscaper for the job. Let’s have a look at the different types of landscape services, so you can make an informed decision about your need when hiring your next landscaping contractor.

Landscape Architects

These are experts with training in creative and technical skills to design layouts, irrigation systems, grading, construction details, paths, and hardscape structures. Landscape architects can work solely as designers and consultants or as design-build experts. Before you can call yourself a landscape architect, you must have passed the national exams and have a 4-year degree from a reputable university. Plus, the field of landscaping architecture is wide. They may specialize in a corporate, subdivision, town centers, campuses, shopping malls, or residential design.

Landscape Designers

Landscape designers are similar to landscape architects in a lot of ways but without schooling or license. They create similar designs and drawings as a landscape architect would, but on smaller, private projects like residential yards. Like landscape architects, landscape designers are not responsible for installing your landscape, but they may be a part of the landscaping company that offers installation service. The ability of landscape designers varies depending on their level of experience, education, and background.

Landscape Contractors

These professionals specialize in installing landscaping. They are tasked with installing plants and hardscapes that landscape architects and designers have specified for the project. Generally, a landscape contractor in Connecticut is not required to have a license. However, they are required to register with the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) as a home improvement contractor. Landscape contractors specialize in different areas of installation, including hardscape patios, lighting, garden, and restoration.

Landscape Design and Build Companies

This is a company that employs landscape architects and designers. In addition, they help install the landscaping design created by their clients. A major advantage of these companies is that they serve as a single point of creativity, architectural design, construction, installation, budget, and every other phase associated with landscaping projects. They also minimize risks for the homeowners while reducing the installation delivery arrangement by coinciding with the design and construction of a project.


Landscapers are professionals who can help plant new plants and also modify, replace or remove existing plants. They can also sod a new lawn or install seed or create new beds. Some landscapers will offer you regular landscape maintenance services such as raking leaves, edging your sidewalk, or mowing your lawns. They also offer seasonal contracts that they charge based on the agreement between the parties.

How Do you Decide the Right Landscaping Fairfield CT for your Project?

If you are looking for the best landscape company in Fairfield, you can choose from our pre-screened landscape companies in CT. No matter the type of landscaping Fairfield CT you need, you can find them at Landscaper Locator.

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